Photography is capturing the real moment’s picture. We find the best poses for your photographs. Photography is joyful beyond description. Wedding is the most beautiful thing that happens in life. Your wedding photographer will capture the each emotion of yours and will make it forever yours. One who understands your emotion deeply and can click it in the best possible way. Photography is an art and it needs dedication of clicking the photographs.

Each wedding has its own special moments – some that make you laugh and some that make you cry. After all this is the day when parents accept that their children have grown up and are now all set to start a life of their own. This is the time to let go a little and also to hold each other close.


Capture the first memories of a beautiful new journey, when the to-be husband and wife declare their commitment to each other. Is it the first smile the couple share or the stealing of glances between them, your photographs will serve as cherished memories for years to come? A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get acquainted with being in front of the camera.

It is an ideal and fun time for us to get to know each other better and allows you to become comfortable with the photographer.

Model Photography

When it comes to modeling, the most important step is to have a great looking portfolio. Your photographs need to truly stand out from the rest and show off all your unique and exciting qualities, so that you can capture the attention of the right people and land that important modeling job. We can provide you with a fantastic model photography service that will always result in elegant, stylish and stunning images, no matter what your individual goals.

With many years of experience in the photography business, we know how to make the best use of lighting, camera angles and other techniques to ensure that you are shown off to your best advantage in every single image.

Candid Photoghraphy

We also capture the candid photographs without creating posed appearance. To give the natural look to your photographs. Probably the best way to take spontaneous photographs is to always be ready to do so. “Candid photography focuses on spontaneity rather than technique”.

Our professional photographer has the many years of experience of spontaneous photography that told the story of a day. Candid photography can be done for many events like wedding, engagement and parties. Candid photographers are privileged to be a part of a culture, which in spite of its diversity; it is still worth remembering and cherishing forever.

Ad Shoot

Our clients need not to find ad shoot coordinators separately. We offer experienced individuals who can conclude the task with perfection and clarity. Our professionals take care of the minutest details directed by the client and make on-time arrangements for every element required for the shoot.

Clients will find the whole shoot process very convenient and hassle-free. The production process and managing the people involved are done effectively by our ad shoot coordinators.

Product Shoot

A picture is worth 1000 words. Our product photography will enhance your website or catalogue and give your company the extra edge to stay ahead of competitors. We are well aware of the present demand for product photography in Lucknow. Low quality images will reflect poorly on a product, putting the company’s entire reputation at risk.

As a product photographer one must be able to create the perfect light setting and photo shoot set up. It is immensely important that the photographer captures the true essence of the product.


We shoot the live events, shooting great wedding videos. We shoot the stunning videos for your special day without missing any precious moment of your big day. The shooting of the wedding is performed as per subtle scripts that have been pre planned. Wedding videography is the latest avatar of regular video making of the ceremonies of the wedding.

We do not hand over a recording of your wedding rather we put in our best efforts in the shooting the video of wedding. We provide the video in HD, full HD, blue ray video, cinematic video, and theme video shoots the video in wedding story where your partner is a hero.

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