Make your wedding album grandeur by hiring cost effective service of pre wedding photography in Lucknow

 best pre wedding photography in Lucknow 

Date : 16 March 2019

Wedding in every family, keeps family member occupied in arrangement of different services. It is natural before hiring any services you keep sp many questions in mind to judge that service provider that he is good or not for your or your son’s or your daughter’s wedding. Royal films acknowledge that couple always stays in dilemma during selecting a photographer for their pre wedding phototography in Lucknow and candid photography for their wedding shoots. We understand that every photographer ha their own forte and creativity skills but the way to decide the service for you is that you can choose that photographer or film studio who is serving you in distinguished fields of photography with excellence and quality picture. In this Blog Royal films will share some guidelines to choose the photographers and how to evaluate the quality of photographer by which you can get better photography service and pre wedding photoshoot ideas.

Tips by royal films, How to choose photographer for your pre wedding photography in Lucknow

  • Check portfolio: - The best way to satisfy your mind with the confusion in choosing a wedding photographer, open the wedding photographer’s website and check his work. If you feel that his work is up to the mark for your wedding then you can hire him for your wedding. Photographs of a wedding photographer are the only proof to prove the quality of the wedding photographer. Photos clicked by wedding photographer tell the creativity of the photographer and after a glimpse of the portfolio you quickly get that you have to hire him or not

  • Ask to friends and relatives:- You can also ask suggestions from your close friends and relatives. It is very complicated to find best for your wedding single hand. Relatives and your close friends can also help you a lot to suggest that which photographer could provide you better service in your wedding. It is impossible to go everywhere and visit each wedding studio to find a better wedding photographer for you because wedding photography is not the only thing you have to arrange in your wedding. There are so many other things you need to do so your friends and your relatives can also helps you by providing some good suggestion .

  • Google’s help: - You can also check best professional photographer in Lucknow by searching them on goggle. As everyone knows that now everything you can check online and every good and creative professional’s detail you can easily get through Google or from their official website. The good thing of checking service provider quality online is that you get the other customer’s review for their service so you get to know that how much customers of that wedding photographer is happy and how much that photographer is credible.

  • Check credibility: - Before hiring any Lucknow photographer you must check their credibility issues. You must check that photographer is punctual or not. There are so many photographers who comes usually late on venue and this habit of any photographer makes the customer irate and spoils the occasion so you must have to consult with others that your wedding photographer is credible or not for capturing your wedding.

 best pre wedding photography in Lucknow 

General questions which should be asked by couples before hiring the wedding photographer in Lucknow

Likewise there are so many things you must ask before hiring a wedding photographer in Lucknow but in short we are going to discuss few things which is necessary to ask and essential to know about the photographer. So, the questions are discussed below:-

Q1):- How many photos I will get if I hire you for pre wedding shoot and wedding shoot?

There are so many photographers who fix the numbers of photo according to the budget of the customer. So customer should clear the number of photos provided by the wedding photographer. This question also prevents you from the arguments to wedding photographer and you also safe to regret in future that you get less photos from your expectation. You can also ask about number of high qualities pictures of your wedding and portrait pictures.

Q2):- After how long the wedding passed you will get the wedding album?

Waiting is the most irritating job to do and if it is related to your wedding album then no one will get ready to wait. So you must ask to your wedding photographer that after the wedding in how many days he will give you your wedding album. After wedding day there are so many relative arrives to meet bride and groom so at that time we love to share our wedding album with them and love to talk about the joyful wedding memories. So confirm the date of wedding album delivery at your home. You can also ask to the photographer that how many large photos you can get if you are interested to fix a large portrait of your wedding on the wall of your room.

Q3):- What about the unedited pictures?

Mostly every photographer provides you only their best work but they do not provide you the unedited photographs. You can ask also about those unedited photos which photographer has. Photographer has no use of your unedited pictures so you can ask to the photographer your unedited pictures.

Q4) Ask shots you like the most?

You can ask about the shots you prefer. There are so many couples who desire to get few photos according their perspective so you can definitely ask to your wedding photographer that you need these shots so is he able to give you that shot or not.

Q5):- Negotiate the package

You always raise the question against the package of photographer and you must have to force him to reduce the rate and provide you the premium photography service. The negotiation is essential because sometimes photographer overrated the services and they try to earn more from the customer. The negotiation delivers you right package of pre wedding photography in Lucknow in right value. So you must have to know to crack the deal in fair price.

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