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Date : 12 March 2019

If you are newbie in photography, then you must have to know that apart from the tripod, camera and flash you need so many things which are essential to start photography at present even in future. You must have to understand that when you need buy new lens and which lens would be very useful for your type of photography and there are so many technical things also essential for a newbie photographer like the setting of camera and how to set up the camera for any location, the correct way to process raw files. In same manner there are so many things a newbie photographer needs to know apart from the clicking pictures through camera. In this article Royal film as one of the best wedding photographer in Lucknow brings some tips for the newbie photographers.
How Royal films make great your pre wedding shoots?
In Lucknow, every film studio do pre wedding shoots but Royal films understand that clicking picture with a DSLR camera is does not make someone photographer. You must have some experience in understanding angles, lights, backgrounds and colors. If you don’t have knowledge of all these things, so it could not be possible to click picture it does not matter how cool camera you have in your hands. Royal films know well that, a picture does not seem beautiful only because it has been taken from high standard camera. A picture looks more beautiful, when it capture with correct angle and accurate camera settings. Royal films are best in pre wedding photography in Lucknow because they know well how to use the camera to get wonderful pre wedding photos.
The things essential for newbie photographer

According to Royal films as best candid photographer in Lucknow he knows that, as you enter into the camera shops there are so many gears you see regarding camera and photography. Not all but there are few gears needed for newbie photographer to start a photo shoot.

The things you must remember regarding photography gear during photo shoot.
  • You need at least two memory cards and one extra battery if you are going for the photo shoot. You must have to take care that your spare battery should always charge and does not dodge you at the time you need the spare battery.
  • You must check your all photography gears before leaving for outdoor photo shoot preferably the day before photo shoot. Realization of leaving battery and memory at home at last moment regret for last.
  • After buying few updated gears you should not consider yourself as professional and complete photographer. Gadgets does not make a person makes photographer it is you and your perspective makes you a photographer so always try to make shoots with less gadgets till you are newbie. As you will started understanding they camera and their technical settings you will use those gadgets in much better way
  • Buy a tripod and practice the photo shoot with help of tripods. It is essential gadget which is use during every type of photo shoot.

Things you need apart from the photography gear
  • Get a lamp and torch, preferably one on a swivel mount so you can point it at the ground while walking in the dark. This is vital for not slipping and breaking an ankle on rocks or broken ground, and finding things in your bag.
  • If you are going for an outdoor shoot you must to keep cloths according to the climate of that place. If you are going to any colder place then you must have all gears which protect you and your fingers to freeze. Photo shoot becomes terrible when your finger gets numb due to freezing climate. Clothing technology has advanced a lot in recent years, there are many options for the base, middle and shell layers, gloves, hats, and socks that are thin, light and easy to wear. Good quality gear can be expensive, but it usually lasts and is worth the investment.
  • If you are going on any outdoor shoot and you are carrying any expensive gadget with you so must insured the gear. Accident can be happen anytime and no one knows that you will have to been through with which kind of situations. So in case if you lose your any gear then you will have one way to recover that gear after few times. Insurance also helps you if any gear get dysfunctional during photo shoot. You can easily repaired your camera by claiming insurance of the camera you have taken.

Knowledge of camera settings
  • You must have to know that what your camera can do for yourself and how much it can be helpful in adverse situation. You can only know your camera when you know very well that what button is used for which purpose. so you must have all the knowledge required to handle the camera
  • Manual mode is just another setting on your camera. There are no rules that say you have to use it all the time, although there are plenty of opinions on the subject. If shooting in manual makes your heart sing, then good for you. If the thought makes you really nervous and uncertain, that is okay, that are other options available
  • There is no right or wrong way to do things and there might be more efficient or different ways to achieve an outcome. Find one that works for you.
  • Printing your work is surprisingly complicated. There’s calibration of the monitor, color profiles of the printer and paper, soft proofing, and so many different paper options and finishes
  • If you are not particularly interested in computer technology, this can be a bit challenging. If you shoot in RAW format which outputs large image files, eventually you will have to address the requirement to store your data. Usually, at the point your first hard drive fails, backing up your data also becomes a consideration.
  • Creative use of a crop can be a powerful composition tool, either improving the shot or fixing it. Be aware that cropping your image removes pixels and data from the file size, and that can limit how big final prints can be.

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