How to become a pre wedding photographer, tips by Royal films to pre wedding photographers

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Date : 27 March 2019

It has been found in wedding couples that usually new couples are always excited for their pre wedding shoot because it provides free time and so many romantic moments to spend with each other. We understand that pre wedding shoot is not just a service for wedding couple, they have attached their feelings because pre wedding is the only time they get more time to spend and the photos are the only proof to showcase their love before marriage. Pre wedding photography in Lucknow is not that much new but it is very much popular amongst couples. Nowadays as other customs and rituals are mandate to done during wedding time in same way pre wedding shoot is also become mandate for couples. Pre wedding shoot is not good only for couples there are so many new photographer who love to click photos and want to be pre wedding photographer because it provides you good earning and it also a noble work because you make happy others by your skill. You clicked picture would be always memorable for the wedding couples. So in this blog Royal films are providing you few tips which is mandate for becoming a pre wedding photographer.

Tips by Royal films

Pre wedding photography in Lucknow is the most popular wedding photography service. There are so any new photographers who are working in this field. So, Royal films are providing you free tips to capture pre wedding photos:-

  • Longer lens: - It has been observed that in pre wedding shoot longer lens provide you the beautiful results. Longer lens makes the background beautiful and highlight the subject sharper in picture. If you are using long lenses for your pre wedding shoot than 85 to 200 mm would be lot better for your pre wedding shoot. For the landscape shot you can use short lenses. The longer lens also makes couple comfortable to make poses because the lens provides you zoom efficiency by which couple does not hesitate to make romantic poses.

  • Shutter speed: - Shutter speed matters a lot and especially if you are capturing photos in burst mode. If you are shooting in burst mode than there is problem comes regarding motion blur. So you will have to set your shutter speed manually if you are doing pre wedding shoot in burst mode.

  • Talk to couples: - You always talk to couples and get to know their expectations regarding their pre wedding photo shoots. There are so many couples who only want their pre wedding picture simple so you should know well that what your wedding couple is expecting from you.

  • Locations:- You must have to do homework before meeting any client. You must know that at which location the pre wedding shoot can provide you best result. It leaves bad impression on client when they ask for you any location for the pre wedding shoot and you don’t even know that place that where you can take them for the shoot. So it will be better to know the locations at your home town to suggest for pre wedding shoot.

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